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Like ships that pass in the night; emails that go past each other

Following various conniptions at work I am clearing out and/or re-organizing my mail. Some of the material seems worthwhile re-visiting. Here is an exchange of emails from a while back:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Employee Benefits
>> Sent: Fri, 05 Sep, 2003 5:32 PM
>> To: All NNC Australia
>> Subject: New Benefit Available - Novated Leasing
>>Improving NNCAP Reward Practices
>> Novated Leasing
>> No-Name Company Asia-Pacific is pleased to
>> announce the launch of an exciting new employee benefit for
>> our Australia based employees as a next step in the
>> enhancement of our Reward and Recognition Framework.
>> Novated Leasing enables an employee to “salary package” a new
>> or used motor vehicle of their choice. This service is
>> available to all permanent (Australian) employees of No-Name
>> Company Asia-Pacific.
>> We are also holding information sessions for employees
>> commencing Wednesday 10 September, to explain Novated Leasing
>> in more detail. Employees are encouraged to attend a session
>> to find out what Novated Leasing is and how it might be of
>> benefit to them. Access the session booking of your choice
>> through the link - http://nncapnet/nomination/Nomination.asp.
>> Numbers are limited, so be sure to register quickly!
>> If you have any questions please contact your HR representative.
>> Ann Nonymous
>> Director HR, No-Name Company Asia-Pacific
> -----Original Message-----
>From: Name, My
>Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2003 5:32 PM
>To: Nonymous, Anne
>Subject: FW: New Benefit Available - Novated Leasing
> Interested if it applies to my $1,200 (this year) annual Green
> Travelpass - or might be applicable to, say, Sydney's highest
> priced Purple Travelpass @ $2,080.00 :-)
> As the author of this, I grant you, the next recipient, permission to pass this on in accordance
> with fair dealing, with caution as to any identified copyright material that may be included.

>My Name
>My Position
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>     Be, beloved, threatened world.
>     Each minim mote...
>     the ordinary glow of common dust in ancient sunlight.
>     Be, that I may believe.
>        Denise Levertov, 'Opening Words'
>      www.cs.rice.edu/~ssiyer/minstrels/poems/1302.html

> The views, opinions and judgements expressed in this message are solely
> those of the author. The message contents have not been reviewed nor
> approved by No-Name Company Asia-Pacific (ABN 12 345 678 901)
-----Original Message-----
From: Person, Another
Sent: Wednesday, 10 September 2003 8:36 AM
To: Name, My
Subject: FW: New Benefit Available - Novated Leasing

'Anne' has asked me to respond to your email.
Novated Leasing relates to purchase of new or used car for personal use. It is unrelated to public transport travel.
If you have any questions about Novated Leasing you are welcome to come to a session to find out more.


Another Person
Human Resources Business Services
Asia Pacific
No-Name Company (ABN 12 345 678 901)
She was either very good at pretending she didn't know what I meant and ignoring my point or so phase-locked into a tunnel vision of car-dependency that she didn't understand it.
Tags: cars, public transport, rants, taxation, work

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