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One of the standard old plots

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16th. Jun, 2005 | 09:23 pm

This was a comment on someone's comment on how this idea was used in a current story. But I now can't find their comment!

One recent ... um ... just looked at the date it was made -- Lordy, how the time does go! -- one film that used this same old story was Enemy Mine (1985, dir Wolfgang Petersen, with Dennis Quaid as the human and Louis Gossett, Jr. as the alien). I can remember at the time it reminded me of a part of Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964, dir Byron Haskin, with Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin (alien "Friday" substitute), and Adam West in the small part as his companion areonaut(?)), which I'd seen as a young child, where "Crusoe" and "Friday" adapt to each other. Later on, the idea was used for Hell in the Pacific (1968, dir John Boorman, with Lee Marvin and Toshirô Mifune as enemy soldiers stranded on an island in WWII). I'm sure there have been many variations, in most types of storytelling.

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