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Dreaming Spheres - and some gimmicky stuff

From Gizmodo Magazine

The Free Spirit Sphere - inspiration for the relocatable home of the future
http://www.gizmag.com.au/go/3729/ ( http://www.gizmag.com.au/linktous/3729/ ) - February 21, 2005

Free Spirit Spheres go into production http://www.gizmag.com/go/4121/ 
( http://www.gizmag.com/linktous/4121/ ) - June 6, 2005

Think I could get approval for one of these in the Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands?

With a lean-to nearby that has the solar panels on it, and provides a collecting surface for rainwater, and gives shelter for, perhaps, the cooking area & storage for food, firewood, etc. Keeping the plumbing together near the watertank and the heating, half could be cooking, half washing.

I'm tempted by the idea of a buried or part-subterranean water storage, but for pressure purposes would probably need to be uphill of area where it's used. Thinking hygiene, a toilet would be better separated from both water & food, but with my problem might need some extra fittings to the usual dunny.

It may be possible to work out a kind of design with wings or pavilions that could catch breezes for cooling in summer, and have shady roofs, perhaps angled or ranged around a sphere at centre, but OTOH, for keeping warm in the quite chilly seasons you get down there - especially at night, when you don't have solar warming - you need to be able to close things up & snuggle down. (Also useful for defence when the wild men come with torches & pitchforks.) Perhaps something like the 2001 spaceship? Or just have them quite separate, with sphere up near the crest of the hill among the trees & granite boulders.

For the Blue Mountains, there'd be a quite different idea again .... I'm thinking something rather like the Concrete House or the Clay House (from Houses of the Future, still on display next to Homebush Bay Station, Olympic Park, with the sphere on the side overlooking the valleys & mountains off into the distance, rather than just perched on the slope looking into a single valley like the Southern Highlands. Alas, the Cardboard House is likely to be more likely. ( Have I mentioned that one thing my vocational counsellor suggested was architect? Probably something to do with all that Lego construction & those sketches & plans I kept doing.)

Well, it's something to consider.

Fibreglass sphere shell - hosted by Photobucket.com
A shell of the fibreglass model of a 'Free Spirit Sphere'. The exterior can be finished in a variety of ways.

Smaller wooden sphere home hanging in trees, from below (hosted by Photobucket.com)    Smaller wooden sphere home hanging in trees, close up (hosted by Photobucket.com)
Two views of the wooden version of a "Free Spirit Sphere" hanging in trees

Sphere home interior showing window (hosted by Photobucket.com)      Sphere home interior showing dome (hosted by Photobucket.com)
Two views of the interior of a "Free Spirit Sphere" fitted out

A different variation
Relocatable Sphere House www.gizmag.com.au/go/2999/ ( www.gizmag.com.au/linktous/2999/ ) [no date]
An interesting house concept was presented by Marcin Panpuch at the recent Royal Institute of British Architects' Future House London Exhibition. The Exhibition showcased a range of innovative housing concepts for existing London sites. The designs emphasised social, environmental, aesthetic and structural factors in various ways.

"personal dashboard" - http://www.gizmag.com.au/linktous/2501/
cylindrical kitchen - www.gizmag.com.au/linktous/3668
main site for the cylinder kitchen: http://www.compact-concepts.com/


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