Epacris (epacris) wrote,

Eulogies for inanimate objects

Eulogies for inanimate objects - a musical example: La
(Puccini) Act 4
(addressing his overcoat, which he has just taken off:)
Dear old coat, listen, I stay here below,
but you must now ascend the mount of piety!*
Receive my thanks.

You never bent your threadbare back to the rich and powerful.
You have sheltered in your pockets like peaceful caves, philosophers
and poets.
Now that happy days have fled, I bid you farewell, my faithful
friend, farewell, farewell.

[*Monte de Piete ]

(indicando il cappotto che si è appena tolto)
Vecchia zimarra, senti, io resto al pian,
tu ascendere il sacromonte or devi.
Le mie grazie ricevi.

Mai non curvasti il logoro dorso ai ricchi ed ai potenti.
Passar nelle tue tasche come in antri tranquilli filosofi e poeti.
Ora che i giorni lieti fuggir, ti dico addio, fedele amico mio,
addio, addio.

It's a luvly choon, I wonder if anyone has adapted it to other words?
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