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Solastalgia, homesickness you have when you are still at home

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10th. Feb, 2008 | 08:28 pm

Researchers identify new syndrome
Wednesday 6 September 2006
www.newcastle.edu.au/ news/ 2006/ 09/ newsyndrome.html
Researchers from the University of Newcastle, Australia have discovered a new type of syndrome affecting potentially thousands of people who have lived through human-made environmental change* such as open-cut mines, and natural disasters such as drought and cyclones.

Researchers, Dr Glenn Albrecht (philosopher, School of Environmental and Life Sciences) and Dr Gina-Maree Sartore, (psychologist, Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health) said 'solastalgia' is a lack of solace in one's home environment caused by the impact of negative environmental change. Dr Albrecht described solastalgia as the "homesickness you have when you are still at home".

They have researched the impact of the drought and open cut mines in rural NSW and say affected people feel melancholia or homesickness, and loss of a sense of place …
* They forgot to add "massive greed-driven destuctive overdevelopment of places they love".

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