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Bogong Moth season in Sydney 2007

Bogongs – first the recipe, now the film!
10 Oct 2007. ABC Sydney. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
It's not just the young and foolish attracted to the bright lights of the big city. Swarms of Bogong moths have descended on Sydney during their annual seasonal migration from southern Queensland and northern New South Wales to the alpine region as they migrate to escape the summer heat.

The Herbison-Evans/Crossley story on Agrotis infusa: http://linus.it.uts.edu.au/~don/larvae/noct/infusa.html

Short report with nice pictures from TV news

Long rambling description from a recent resident. Very "actuality"-style camerawork. She seems rather freaked out by the poor little harmless, helpless Agrotis infusa (CSIRO).

Range of Appearance in Bogongs
Tags: bogong moths, nature, science

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