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K.A. Bedford (Modem Noise) FAQ
"11. What's it like seeing your book in print? Must be awesome! It is! The first time I saw ORBITAL BURN as a physical, finished object, at Torcon 3 (the 2003 Worldcon), I was also fried out of my mind with epic jetlag and fatigue and, it also being my first overseas trip, and my first Worldcon, crazy nervous energy" …

Having a book published doesn't "fix" anything in your life. During the long years in which you struggle to get a book published, you imagine that having your book published will change everything. Life will be better. Your problems will be over. This is not so. What happens is you change problems …
(www.kabedford.com) Book links: Orbital Burn; Eclipse; Hydrogen Steel
Tags: friends, writing

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