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Kamikaze dolphins (from 2000)

Iran buys kamikaze dolphins
Dolphins and other aquatic mammals were trained by Russian experts to attack warships and enemy frogmen, but when funding for the project ceased, many were moved to a private dolphinarium to perform for tourists.
Their chief trainer, both in military and civilian life, was Boris Zhurid [there's a photo of him with a dolphin], who began his career as a submariner before graduating from a medical academy. "But I cannot bear to see my animals starve ... We're out of medicine, which costs thousands of dollars, and have no more fish or food supplements."
In total, 27 animals, including walruses, sea lions, seals, 3 cormorants, and a white beluga whale, were loaded with the dolphins into a Russian transport aircraft for the journey from Sevastopol, on the Crimean peninsula, in the Black Sea, to the Persian Gulf.
Four of the dolphins and the white whale underwent training with Mr Zhurid at a Pacific naval base, before being transferred to Crimea in 1991. (Told to the BBC by Arkady Volondyn, Komsomolskaya Pravda)
City of Sevastopol
Dolphin Institute
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
I wonder how this went on? The date of the story is 8 March, 2000 | BBC News | MIDDLE EAST.

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