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Tailor-Made Travel
Dump the generic guidebook and get a key to the city
—By Angie Vo, Venus Zine
Utne Reader May / June 2007 Issue

www.utne.com/ issues/ 2007_141/ promo/ 12553-1.html
Don't you hate spending half your vacation in a new city poring over guidebooks, trying to figure out whether this art gallery or that club is worth visiting or is just a tourist trap? If you wish you could feel like a local wherever you travel, Miss Information (www.miss-info.net) has just the remedy. Partners Alexis Owens and Colleen Cavanaugh Anthony create custom guidebooks with all the crucial tips for your trip.

Although they're pretty and palm-sized, the hand-bound books pack tons of useful information on events and destinations for your trip. Each guidebook is personalized with listings based on your interests and accompanied by photos and other thoughtful extras, such as a library card bearing your name.

Miss Information has profiled destinations ranging from Los Angeles to Jaipur, India, for clients who include fashion-shoot teams, wedding parties, and individuals. The price of a guidebook differs with each project and is based on the amount of time spent doing research and the number of books ordered. Owens and Cavanaugh Anthony keep detailed files on popular destinations and can put together a guidebook in a matter of days.
[From Venus Zine (Winter 2006) www.venuszine.com ]

Approaching Asimov's light sculpture from The Naked Sun (sequel to The Caves of Steel): Philip's 'Drag and Draw' — www.pixelsumo.com/post/drag-draw
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