Epacris (epacris) wrote,

NZ News: Hide your insulin

Airline's medicine ban leaves passenger in coma
New Zealand Herald - National News
Wednesday November 1, 2006
By James Ihaka

A diabetic man fell into a coma because airport staff refused to let him take his insulin on board a flight from Auckland to Christchurch.

Qantas yesterday apologised to Tui Peter Russell, who had a severe attack on the plane and was in hospital for two weeks.

Mr Russell said check-in staff at Auckland Airport told him he could not take his medication on board because it was dangerous...
... or maybe not
No hospital records for 'comatose' airline passenger
www.nzherald.co.nz/ section/ story.cfm?c_id=1&ObjectID=10408778
Thursday November 2, 2006
By James Ihaka

Doubts have emerged about the coma a diabetic said he suffered on a flight from Auckland to Christchurch...
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