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Another Loss: John M Ford

The writer of the poem below died suddenly, shortly after the equinox, a quarter of the year before Christmas Day, at the age of 49. He left a sad gap in my online life, and a much bigger, painful, rent in others' lives. I mourn his passing, condole his family & friends, and cherish the works he left us.

Obituary: tinyurl.com/oeouj — This is a free Usenet posting (groups.google.com/ group/ alt.obituaries/ msg/ 0a7495d51f3af0de) of John Clute's obituary in The Independent (news.independent.co.uk/ people/ obituaries/ article1772294.ece)

Sestina, from a main centre of information and remembrances (http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/008033.html).
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