Epacris (epacris) wrote,

Relived Childhoods

Andy Perrin
This website should be called "Don't Try It At Home." It has movies of all the experiments you would have tried when you were twelve, if you'd only had a blowtorch: if.geekfreely.co.uk

Gigi Rose
Nerd thread: As a science teacher my favourite geek site is http://www.twinkiesproject.com.

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey
Gigi, check out our 1990 experiment at www.galactic-guide.com/articles/8R17.html/. It's not as elaborate as the estimable Twinkiesproject site, but we had fun doing it. (It was the midnight shift, the particle accelerators were off for some reason, and we were awaiting repair.) It's easy to repeat in the classroom with a rope and a stopwatch.
Recently we had a picnic for everyone who's ever been an operator at Fermilab, and in greeting many old friends, I began to realize this: When I am gone, the Twinkie Experiment is what they will talk about at my wake.

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