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Didn't know about this place in Melbourne. It's for sale now - the contents are to be auctioned, anyway. Alas, it seems that they'll be scattered across the world rather than being able to be kept together, or in Victoria.
Melbourne Tank Museum
www.whitehat.com.au/Melbourne/ Museums/Tank.asp (another photo is at www.4wdonline.com/Mil/ Tanks/Centurion.html )
(03) 9796 8188
456 Belgrave-Hallam Rd
Narre Warren North
VIC, 3804
anzacsteel.hobbyvista.com/ Armoured%20Vehicles/australianshermansph_4.htm
Less-armoured vehicles, some in need of a restorer's care, at the Museum: www.oldcmp.net/mtm_1.html
Here's a site that shows the other vibrant world-class attractions of the area: www.australianexplorer.com/ tourist_attractions/ narre_warren.htm

Self-explanatory, this one: www.warmuseums.com.au/vicPlaces.htm
International Museum listing: www.afvnews.ca/museums.html


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