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Video & Discussion of Multi-touch Screen Interaction
The World of Smartboards, Sympodiums is about to change
also at:
Video - Multi-Touch Interaction Research
Jefferson Y. Han, Multi-Touch Interaction Research
See http://www.mathoda.com/archives/24 for a discussion.
Jeff Han's research page can be found here:

http://mrl.nyu .edu/~jhan/ — Some of the comment thread:
The technology is multi-touch screens, developed at NYU. Apple has patented these interactions, apparently.
The main feature that distinguishes this from traditional means of human-computer interfaces is that this sort of touch screen allows coordinated interaction with both hands, instead of limiting oneself to one hand controlling fine 3-D manipulations.

Human's adapt to their tools as much as we create tools for our needs.

The great thing about innovations like this isn't because it will allow you to do what you're already doing everyday on your computers "faster" or even "easier" --- it's that it could (potentially) let you do things you didn't even imagine you'd want to do with your computer.

www.fingerworks.com/userguides.html - multitouch input surfaces for a number of years. They were marketed as keyboard/mouse replacement systems for those suffering from RSI, and they serve that purpose well - FingerWorks, the people who developed the TouchStream keyboard, had some *excellent* user-interface talent, and they developed a set of multitouch gestures that are astonishingly easy to learn and use. True, the gestures mostly just replace key-modifier combinations, but they're MUCH less painful to use.

Unfortunately, their business folded The company's intellectual property was acquired, most likely by Apple, although nobody's allowed to say. Those of us lucky enough to have their products are hoping that whoever bought them will resurrect something like the TouchStream system.

the background music is 'Who Am I' by Peace Orchestra


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bulwer-Lytton

World War II Military Situation Maps
The Library of Congress > American Memory Home >

Looking for a Particular Photo of the Big Snow in Japan
Cover Story: Digging in
The Asahi Shimbun

The death toll from Japan's worst snow fall in more than two decades has climbed to 95 as relief workers made progress opening a key road to stranded mountain villages.
Police confirmed six more deaths, mostly elderly people, including a 74-year-old man in the northern island of Hokkaido who died after slipping from his roof while shovelling snow.
Highway 405, connecting the central towns of Tsunanmachi in Niigata prefecture and Sakaemura in Nagano prefecture, was opened for three hours after being closed for most of January.
It has been Japan's deadliest winter since 1983-1984 when 131 people died in snow-related incidents.

Mon Jan 16, 8:34 AM ET

The number of victims killed in snow-related accidents has topped 100, the highest in more than 20 years, according to public broadcaster NHK.

Injuries have reached 2,100, including a six-year-old boy who remained unconscious after he was buried under a mass of snow which slid off the roof of a play school's roof

(AFP/Jiji Press/File)

Snow avalanche in northern Japan: 10 injured, one missing


Tuesday, 10 January 2006, 11:33 GMT
Japan struggling to clear snow
Japanese soldiers have been trying to clear heavy snow in the country's north after cold weather killed at least 70 people.
Two neighbourhoods - Tsunan in central Niigata prefecture, and Sakaemura in neighbouring Nagano prefecture - have been cut off for two days.
Worst-hit areas saw Japan's heaviest snowfall on record, with drifts more than three metres (10ft) deep.

Tokamachi Elementary School
The students of Tokamachi Elementary are friends with the snow and are used to living with it. Let's look at ... some of the ideas they use to cope with the bitter winter cold

Some very nice everyday things in Japan

Virtual autopsy of Egyptian mummy
http://english.pravda.ru/photo/report/183© SPIEGEL ONLINE
/ All photo-reports / Science

Jet engines

A resource for off-label uses and for people with interesting brains who require neurococktails.
Basic drug information and discussion for assorted psychoactive meds - US based for brand names, FDA application approvals. Links too.

Drug Digest is a thorough reference of general health conditions, treatments, drugs and supplements.
It describes itself as "a noncommercial, evidence-based, consumer health and drug information site dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about drugs and treatment options."
Drug Library
Drug Interactions
Drug Comparisons
Conditions & Treatments
Meet the Experts, etc

Super Kong
Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla
Hideous Mutant
King Kongui daeyeokseub (South Korea)
Super Kong

Directed by
Paul Leder

Writing credits
Paul Leder
Reuben Leder
Runtime: 87 min
Country: South Korea / USA

www.washingtonpost.com/ wp-dyn/content/article/ 2006/02/12/ AR2006021201208.html
For Russians, Car Wreck Is A Case Study In Privilege
by Peter Finn
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, February 13, 2006; Page A01
BIISK, Russia -- The imprisonment of a man who was involved in a traffic accident that killed one of Russia's best-known politicians triggered protests across the country this weekend, especially among motorists who view the jailing as a chilling failure of the courts to protect average citizens from vengeful authorities.
Outraged supporters of Oleg Shcherbinsky, a railway worker whose car was hit from behind last summer by a speeding car carrying the Altai region's governor, rallied Saturday and Sunday in 22 Russian cities ,,, Shcherbinsky was convicted at a closed trial this month and sentenced to four years in a labour colony.
many motorists can easily imagine themselves suffering Shcherbinsky's fate.
"We have a caste system on our roads: The elite who do what they want and everybody else who is supposed to get out of their way," said Vyacheslav Lysakov, head of a motorists' club in Moscow ...

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