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Strange, yet True

United Nuclear sells many fascinating things (if you're in the USA)

Sound from the Roger Rick & Marylin Morning Show: witnessing by mobile phone (via wales can be interesting)

Self-Propelled Film-boiling Liquid Droplets
Film-boiling: When a drop of liquid is placed on a surface held at a temperature much higher than the its boiling point (such as a drop of water in a very hot pan) it hovers on its own vapour cushion, without wetting the surface.
This page links to a series of video clips showing a series of such droplets moving at speeds of several centimeters per second on asymmetrically structured surfaces. It can look both strange and rather beautiful.
darkwing.uoregon.edu/ %7Elinke/ supporting/ Movie4.mov
Some of the droplets are liquid nitrogen, which is above its boiling point at 'normal' room temperature.

This page on Brownian Motors relates to similar phenomena. It can relate to understanding how cells transport things within or around them, and might be useful in designing nanotechnology.
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