April 21st, 2007


Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood

The "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" show either never made it here to Oz, or wasn't very big. (Play School - based on a UK show, Mr Squiggle - "the longest running pre-school children's television program in the world", and the franchise of Romper Room (museum material) are/were our TV classics (The Argonauts for radio)) I think it was back in 2003 when he died and there was a fair fuss, with people remembering their experiences, that I first heard of him. It does sound like a worthwhile show. I wonder if there are recordings around?

I found a clip of his 1969 testimony before a US Senate Committee, supporting PBS (video.google.com/ videoplay?docid=2883185966575573317). It's called "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" A bit about 4:30 in is about settling arguments, he recites song lyrics at around 5:30 "What do you do with the mad you feel?"