February 2nd, 2007

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Bundle: A quick drop-off of things you might like

'Language' of Autistic Person

Doing Drawing

A fascinating book. It's called Braver Men Walk Away, by Peter Gurney (MBE, GM and Bar). [Do you know what GM means? Do you realise this has a bar? That means the same, again.]

I've an anecdote which I'm hoping to have the chance to use one day to help convey the rapidity of change and human closeness to what we think of as 'long, long, ago and far, far, away'

Some years back I heard a woman tell of hearing a story from her grandmother, which was an experience during the Irish Famine told to her by *her* grandmother, which she'd had as a child.

Quite a lot of Irish moved to Australia, and formed such a strong part of the community that the white culture of the nineteenth century is sometimes called Anglo-Irish rather than Anglo-Saxon

A Perth (Western Australia) bookshop of 'Science Fiction & Fantasy'

Found this in an Open discussion thread:
There's an author writing a book with a tentative tile of Where the Girls Aren't: What's Holding Women Back from Careers in Science? who is looking for interview subjects: both women who have left science-related disciplines and those who are still there.

More details at www.nasw.org/users/lhall/wtga.html

Statistics about September 11, 2001, e.g. number of victims (tho' there are many other links covering the subject too): observer.guardian.co.uk/waronterrorism/story/0,,776451,00.html
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