September 11th, 2006

flora epacris

The Turning Year Comes Round Again: Five

110 Stories — some pieces

There's dust, and metal. Nothing else at all.
it's airless and it's absolutely black.
I found a wallet. I'm afraid to call.
I'll stay until my little girl comes back.
I can't do that for fifty times the fare.
A coronary. Other things went on.
It goes, like, something mighty, and despair.
All those not now accounted for are gone.
A taller building? Maybe. I can wait.
I hugged the stranger sitting next to me.
So this is what you call a second chance.
One turn aside, into eternity.
This is New York. We'll find a place to dance.

Multimedia version of John M Ford's 110 Stories
Link 2: watch?v=UrMo3TaI8mo
Link 1:

Saline Project's 110 Stories watch?v=JmhaD6iQZes
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