July 28th, 2006

flora epacris

Knitting for Knit-In (ABC Local Radio 702BL Sydney)

There's a whole fascinating knitting community online, swapping hints, experiences, ideas and encouragement and many, many, pictures of their knitted objects.
It ranges from very domesticated versions through various degrees of dedicated crafty types to the 'textile art' end. Between — or beyond — are all kinds of tributaries and bayous in the range of expression — some of the less usual manifestations of human creativity.
I thought you might appreciate these pictures of some unusual & challenging knitting projects.

www.flickr.com/ photos/ 72906716@N00/ sets/ 72057594095330901/

The 2006 ABC Sydney 702BL Knit-In

Moebius knitting
www.toroidalsnark.net/mkmb.html — UPDATE: Changed knitting link from 4-jan-06
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