March 18th, 2006

flora epacris

Fractal Animations
Some of these have fractal background music too.
"But on the fun side, fractals can be played with and enjoyed. I am currently playing with a toy called Fractal Explorer 2.02 that allows me to create amazing infinite images.
Angels Trumpets
Angels' Trumpets
I'm even learning how to create short animated fractal movies.
These are large files, 30+MB but well worth the free price of admission. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have."
"I was first introduced to fractal Geometry by Dan Winter creator of "Cardiofeedback." His writings on the subject showed me how fractals are the numerical underpinning of the universe and are evident everywhere you look from the sub atomic to the galactic.
Winter's work shows that the human heart is the 'Fractal Attractor' that connects physical existence with the 'Magnetic Event' that we often refer to as 'The Soul'."