January 4th, 2006

Sydney Harbour, constructed - short hair

Digital Postcards?

I've already seen a few things in the same sort of area, cheap single-use digital cameras which can take stills or video. Will hunt out the quick-pic of one I took with my own variation, the low-rent (but handy for when you haven't anything else) mobile phone camera.

Stamp of approval

January 3, 2006
High-tech digital postcards - ones with built-in flat screens that can play a slide show of photos taken by the sender.
That's the vision of Stuart Calvey, a 22-year-old industrial design student at the University of NSW ... Calvey's Snap+Send Postcard, a disposable digital camera, is so light and inexpensive it can be sent in the mail ...
The palm-sized camera-cum-postcard, housed in a cardboard shell with a two-megapixel lens, a 10-centimetre screen, digital memory and an internal battery, would cost about $25.
There would be no delete or zoom functions and it would be one-use only. "You can't get too precious about certain features," he says. However, the slide show could be watched a few hundred times and the camera could be taken to a developer to get the photos printed.
Sydney Harbour, constructed - short hair


Worlds largest prime number identified, aka Grid Discovers Largest Known Prime Number or Distributed computing enjoys prime success
The number is expressed as 2 to the 30,402,457th power minus 1, a 9,152,052-digit numeral. Reportedly, the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) found another VLP (Very Large Prime) back in February, but neither reached the 10 million digits needed for an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) $100,000 prize.
Note: The reporting seems to have its own number problem, having described the computers/power used as: "an international grid of about 70,000 computers", "the collective power of more than 200,000 computers", and "more than 700 computers ", as well as about 4,500 years solo work on "a brand new Pentium 4 computer".

You can get your very own copy as a large text file, too.

More raw information is available at www.mersenne.org and www.mersenneforum.org