November 10th, 2005

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Guardian serializes 'DC Confidential' by Christopher Meyer

November 2005: Sir Christopher Meyer recounts details from his time as British ambassador to the US in his book DC Confidential, serialised in the Guardian.,12956,1636156,00.html

No 10's vendetta with the embassy in Washington,11538,1637363,00.html
November 9: Sir Christopher Meyer recalls his battle of wills with Blair aides during the prime minister's trip to New York in the wake of 9/11

The pygmies in Tony Blair's cabinet,12956,1636675,00.html
November 8: In the second extract from his memoirs, Sir Christopher Meyer is scathing about some Labour ministers - among them Jack Straw, John Prescott and Geoff Hoon.
08.11.05: Meyer reveals 'Blair's pygmies'

Tony Blair and the wooing of America,12956,1636027,00.html
November 7: Sir Christopher Meyer was uniquely placed to track the PM's White House charm offensive. In this first extract from his memoirs, he reveals how Labour grew to admire the Republicans.

07.11.05, extract: How Britain failed to check Bush
07.11.05, extract: Playing to the crowd
07.11.05, extract: The case of the wrong trousers
07.11.05, extract: Seduced by the glamour of American power
07.11.05: Blair's litany of failures on Iraq - ambassador's verdict
07.11.05, leader: Delayed dispatches

A political war that backfired
November 5, interview: Christopher Meyer In advance of publication of his memoirs, Britain's former ambassador to the US reveals why he supported the war in Iraq but is far from happy about the aftermath.
05.11.05: Iraq war has exposed us to terror at home, says Meyer

Sorry, Sir Christopher, he wasn't even in with a shout
November 9, Simon Jenkins: Blair had no leverage on Iraq with Washington's neocons - but, like Wilson over Vietnam, he did have a choice.