Epacris (epacris) wrote,

Boldly Dying?

I present the following extract from Yahoo's online answer to the question below. Does anyone else get a sort of mental jarring sensation, akin to missing a step?
Whatever happened to Eliot Ness after the trial of Al Capone?
... Mr. Ness finally met his match in the infamous Cleveland Torso Murderer. Ness never successfully nabbed the Torso Murderer, who decapitated and de-limbed at least twelve unfortunate souls. He later decamped to Washington, D.C., where he headed the Diebold Safe Company before making an unsuccessful run for Cleveland mayor in 1947 ...
One wonders what might have been found inside some of those safes. Do any readers consider this might throw any light on the recent bad odour around the Diebold Co in relation to US election machines?
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