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Some updates on the previous entry re Voter Registration Shredding

Just as disturbing as the months-earlier story about people just throwing out votes cast in the mid-term election by people who didn't use voting machines

The FBI has been notified that hundreds of voter-registration forms have been intentionally discarded or destroyed by a private company hired by the Republican Party to sign people up to vote.
The discovery could pose a problem for those going to the polls on Nov. 2, thinking they're already registered to vote, when officials have no record of that. In fact, the deadline to register to vote in Nevada was last night.

This seems to be the first story in the thread:
[NOTE: The name "America Votes" is disputed, there is another organisation called that which this group, Voters Outreach of America, may have tried to associate itself with.]


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UPDATED: The Convoluted Story On Voter Registration Fraud

Group Caught In Nevada Might Have Been Working Downtown Portland
By The One True b!X
(October 12, 2004 at 11:22 PM) --

Note: This post has been updated. Any and all updates appear at the end of the original post.

Deals with some more details and further ramifications :

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